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A proud member of the Warren community


Address: 2587 Parkman Rd. Warren, OH 44485
Phone: 330-898-6060
Fax: 330-898-2929
Hours: Mon-Sat, 8a-8p | Sun, 9a-6p


Parkman Road Sparkle Market takes pride in offering the best customer service we can provide. At Parkman Road Sparkle Market, we know that the freshest and highest quality in our Meat and Produce departments has kept our customers coming back. The Deli and Hot Food section features our famous fried chicken, made fresh for you, every day. Another of our local specialties is our fried fish, available every Friday. The Parkman Road Sparkle Market location also provides an international foods aisle with unique Greek, Chinese, Indian and Polish selections.

At Parkman Road Sparkle Market, we are conveniently open seven days a week, with easy access and ample parking. All lottery games are available and cold drinks are close to the entrance for convenience. We offer an ATM, and at checkout, you'll find friendly service and bag carryout. We accept WIC, plus Visa, Mastercard and Discover cards, as well as debit cards.

A free fruits and vegetables SNAP/EBT program is available at the Parkman Road and South Avenue Sparkle Markets locations! For each and every $5 a cardholder spends on canned, fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables at participating locations, he or she receives a matching Produce Perks voucher. There is no limit on the amount of vouchers that can be earned in one day. Questions? Contact us!

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